"Jillian Eaton finds the perfect balance between intense emotions, sizzling chemistry, and light-hearted humor." - SWEPT AWAY BY ROMANCE


Can a shy wallflower steal the heart of England's most notorious bachelor in time for Christmas?

It should be noted there was nothing particularly special about Merry Clearwater. In fact, everything about her was rather ordinary.

She was of average height and build with a plain face, round cheeks, and a top lip that was slightly heavier than the bottom. Her eyes were blue, a pleasing enough color, but they had the poor habit of shying away from prolonged contact. She had a soft voice that was soothing to the ears, but, like her face, it was not very memorable.

Her natural propensity towards shyness prevented her from drawing attention unto herself, and more often than not she was comfortable going unnoticed in a sea of prettier, wealthier, and more outgoing debutantes.

Yet despite all of these ordinary characteristics – or perhaps because of them – Merry managed to capture the attention of one of the most powerful dukes in all of England.

And that is where our story begins...

A novella of 25k words previously published under the title Merry, this sweet holiday-themed Regency romance has 15+ pages of bonus content, a brand new epilogue, and is guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit!

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Bewitched-by-the-Bluestocking-web (1).jp

It's British versus American in this engaging battle of wits!

British private investigator, Thomas Kincaid, thinks he’s seen it all . . . until a gorgeous, soaking-wet American shows up and demands he help her find a stolen family heirloom. Having had his heart crushed once before by a beautiful woman, Kincaid has no intention of tempting fate a second time. But Joanna Thorncroft isn’t about to take no for an answer.

Joanna has to find her mother’s ring and discover the secrets it contains. Secrets that have brought her all the way across the Atlantic and onto the doorstep of a sinfully handsome detective. While falling in love is the furthest thing from her mind, fiercely independent Joanna can’t help but find herself drawn to Kincaid…and the blazing passion that soon threatens to consume them.

But when the scandalous truth about the ring’s history is unveiled, it changes both the past and the present. If Joanna and Kincaid want a future together, they must risk everything to get it…including their hearts.

Preorder now for $0.99 cents, available 1/26! 

Bewitched by the Bluestocking

Entranced by the Earl

Seduced by the Scot

Wooed by the Wallflower

Wrap yourself in love this holiday season....



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