"Jillian Eaton finds the perfect balance between intense emotions, sizzling chemistry, and light-hearted humor." - SWEPT AWAY BY ROMANCE


A promise made…
When Lady Brynne Weston was just fourteen, she made a pact with her brother’s friend, Lord Lachlan Campbell, a charming Scottish boy with a rebellious streak that called to her own sense of adventure. If, in ten years, neither was married, they would marry each other. The promise was sealed with a stick of sugar, and then forgotten about...until almost a decade later when Lachlan comes to claim his prize.

A promise broken…
The charming, rebellious boy has grown into a charming, dangerously seductive man. And try as she might, Brynne is helpless against the smoldering passion that flares between them. Knowing that her family will not approve of her marrying a second-born son, and a Scottish one at that, she elopes with Lachlan to Gretna Green. Everything is perfect...until a devastating secret comes to light.

A promise that cannot be denied...
Betrayed by the man she loves, Brynne flees back to England and resumes her old life as if nothing is amiss, hiding her shattered heart behind feigned smiles and perfect house parties. But try as she might, she cannot forgive - or forget - the husband she left. When Lachlan unexpectedly returns to win her back, sparks flame anew...but are the ashes of old desires left denied enough to ignite a fire hot enough to burn away old hurts?

One thing is certain...this Scot isn’t leaving without his prize.


True love is always worth waiting for...

Harold has nothing in common with his twin brother...except for one teeny, tiny thing. They both fell in love with the same woman. But while Geoff – tall, charming, and handsome – swept Lady Rosalind off her feet and married her, Harold – awkward, shy, and scholarly – remained in the library with his books.

Rosalind always wanted to marry for love, and she thought that was what she had with Geoff…until the affairs started. Barely three years into their marriage, and she’s hiding her misery behind a soft, dreamy smile and sad brown eyes. When a sudden accident claims Geoff’s life, Rosalind finds herself looking in an unexpected direction…and is shocked by what she finds.

Can the widow of a man who never loved her find happiness with the man who always has? Find out in A Lady in Waiting, a sweet, romantic novella about discovering love where you least expect it!

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