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"Jillian Eaton finds the perfect balance between intense emotions, sizzling chemistry, and light-hearted humor." - SWEPT AWAY BY ROMANCE


A marriage grown cold as frozen snow
As lovers lose their newlywed glow
All hope seems lost, but never fear…
This holiday season, miracles are sure to be near

Some women want chocolates for Christmas. Others would be satisfied with a pretty hair ribbon or a new hat. But Lady Alexandria desires only one thing: a divorce from her husband, the cold-hearted Lord Duncan White, Earl of Chesterfield. Christmas Eve will mark their one-year wedding anniversary, and Alexandria is desperate to correct the mistake she made twelve months ago when she let one passionate kiss ruin everything.

Wealthy and powerful, the Earl of Chesterfield is a man accustomed to getting what he wants. The fastest horse, the largest manor, the most beautiful debutante in London…they’re all his for the taking. But while he has made Alexandria his wife, there is one thing his money cannot buy: her heart. If Duncan wants to win over his wife, he’ll need nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

From best-selling author Jillian Eaton and romance star Jennifer Seasons comes two brand new holiday novellas about finding true love…and the magic of Christmas miracles.

_The-Rose-and-the-Rogue-e-reader (1).jpg

The youngest and wildest of the Rosewoods, Eloise enjoys climbing trees, racing horses, and wearing breeches. She despises holding her tongue, embroidery in any form, and ball gowns. Her eldest sister would see her married and settled down, but Eloise cannot think of a worse fate than being shackled to a boring lord. Which is why she’s decided to fall in love with a rogue…

Wealthy, powerful entrepreneur Adam St. Clair has everything he could ever want...except a wife. He requires a woman who is polite and practical. A woman who is the exact opposite of Eloise Rosewood. The fiery redhead would make a perfect mistress for the wicked rogue, but a bride? Never. Except try as he might, Adam can’t get her out of his head...which means there’s only one other place she needs to be: in his bed.



Ravishing Rosewoods
The Rose and the Duke
The Rose and the Viscount
The Rose and the Earl
The Rose and the Rogue

Sexy Women & Dangerous Men...

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