Imogen Finley has always followed the rules.

Dubbed the ‘Ice Queen’ in college, she relates better to books than she does to people and her social life... well, let’s just say it’s awkward. When her hard work and dedication culminates in a professorship at a small liberal arts college on the coast of Maine, everything is going according to Imogen’s carefully constructed plan… until she meets Daniel Logan. 

Sexy, charming, and devastatingly handsome, Daniel never follows the rules if he can help it. A local with a troubled past behind him and an uncertain future in front of him, he’s everything Imogen is not looking for in a boyfriend. After a chance encounter at a bar, one steamy kiss, and a few blueberry pancakes later, however, that’s exactly what he becomes. 

But when an unexpected and potentially devastating truth is unveiled, will Imogen stick to her plan… or finally find the courage to follow her heart? 

A beautifully written story”(Give Me Books) about friendship, finding yourself, and falling in love, Learning to Fall will stay with you long after the last page has been read.