"Jillian Eaton finds the perfect balance between intense emotions, sizzling chemistry, and light-hearted humor." - SWEPT AWAY BY ROMANCE


Hugh Jacobson has dark secrets. Secrets he has brought with him all the way across the Atlantic to protect. Ready to start a new life in a new country, he knows the last thing he should be doing is trading insults with a sharp-tongued debutante, no matter how attractive he finds her. And yet after a chance encounter with one Miss Temperance Swan, that is precisely what Hugh finds himself doing.

All three of the Swan sisters are strong-willed, but none more so than Temperance. Beautiful and brash, she has never met a man she could not twist around her little finger…until she meets Hugh. Completely immune to her considerable charms, the American is also rough, surly, and disagreeable. In short, he is everything Temperance doesn’t want…and everything she secretly desires.

Unable to deny their passion for one another, Temperance and Hugh are soon entangled in a secret affair that puts everything they hold dear at risk. Including their love…and their lives.

The Swan Sisters
For the Love of Lynette
Annabel’s Christmas Rake (novella)
Taming Temperance
A Duke for Delilah

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Shy and soft spoken, Bridget Rosewood often finds herself overlooked and ignored, especially when in the company of her three sisters. Which she doesn’t mind. Truly. Except when it comes to Lord Croft, the aloof, strikingly handsome viscount whom Bridget has long admired from afar but never dared approach. Which is why she’s completely caught off guard when he comes to her...and proposes marriage, of all things!

Graham was married once before and it ended in disaster. He has no desire to repeat the experience, but he does require a mother for his two young children. Who better than a quiet, respectable wallflower that he can treat more as a governess than a wife? He’ll leave Bridget in the country to look after the children while he enjoys London. But even the best conceived plans can come crashing down when the cold-hearted viscount finds himself falling in love...with his wife.

Ravishing Rosewoods
The Rose and the Duke
The Rose and the Viscount
The Rose and the Earl
The Rose and the Rogue

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