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The Great Balancing Act

As I'm writing this I have a stack of bills to my right, two chapters that need to be edited to my left, and a fussy baby crawling across the floor in front of me. My giant mug of coffee - the one I made over an hour ago - is getting cold. The dogs I put outside to pee are barking at the neighbor's cat. And my desk - the desk I swore up and down I would organize on Monday - is more cluttered than ever.

Welcome to The Great Balancing Act.

If I thought I was busy before Baby Hank was born it's nothing compared to what I feel now. I'm constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions at once, and for someone who has trouble focusing on one task at a time not to mention a strong proclivity towards procrastination that isn't necessarily a good thing. But I'm making it work.

The trick that I discovered - or rather stumbled blindly upon in a fit of tears and caffeine deprived desperation - is that I need to treat my day like a series of sprints instead of a marathon. Since I've never been a fan of running this actually works for me. Write for ten minutes instead of two hours. Walk the dogs, walk the baby, and mail the bills all at the same time. Take a shower, chug a cup of coffee, write for another ten minutes, tidy up, check Facebook, and write a blog post while baby is taking his morning nap. Try to take some Me Time in the afternoon, even if that means watching Pretty Little Liars while folding laundry and trying to keep baby from rolling under the bed.

Balance, balance, balance.

Gone are the days where I would wander down to the kitchen, idly wait for the Keurig to make my coffee, and take my laptop out on the front porch to write for a few hours. But as I reminded myself this morning when Baby Hank was raring to go at 6:30AM and I was still recovering from my 4AM nursing hangover, these days won't last forever. I'll get those lazy mornings back. I'll be able to drop everything and go to Panera for lunch. I might even swing by Marshalls on the way home. But Baby Hank won't be a baby again. Once he grows up that's it. I can't go back.

So for now I balance.

I guzzle coffee, I kiss Baby Hank's sweet cheeks, I write when I can, and I balance.


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